Haarhuus & Henriette

The hairdressing salon Haarhuus is located right in the middle of the famous Latinerkvarteret in Århus, which is known for its vibrant and cozy atmosphere and a unique sense of feeling. Haarhuus is exactly a part of embracing this incredible little world, that Latinerkvarteret is. And when you step into the hairdressing salon, you will without a doubt sense this feeling. Haarhuus is adorned with stucco ceilings, rustic recycled furniture and an incredible incident of light on the sunny days. This little and cozy hairdressing salon creates the perfect settings for the great hairdressing experience, you will get at Haarhuus.

Henriette is the hairdresser behind Haarhuus. She has a lot of experience with handling all types of hair, which is why you can expect traditional techniques on a high level with creative features. Also, she is very skillful regarding both men and women. At Henriette’s hairdressing salon you will find unsurpassed quality and a sense of detail, but there is also the opportunity of having a dialogue to make sure that your wishes will be met. There is also focus on enhancing the best qualities of your hair, so you will get the most out of the experience. You will always get the most professional opinions and assessments, and honest and realistic advice from Henriette regarding your next hairstyle.

Henriette also has plenty of time, when it comes to her customers. She prioritizes being thorough, to make sure that you will have a nice and comfortable experience, but also to secure a beautiful result that will satisfy your needs. That is especially guaranteed with hair coloring, where Henriette always makes sure to give a deep post treatment, which keeps your hair glowing and maintains a healthy structure. She also offers a non-binding and free hair consultation, where you, in consultation with Henriette, will find the best options for your particular hair.

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